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Why advertise on PMC?

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Currently, more than 14 million satellite receivers are in use in Iran, and this number is increasing rapidly. Most of these are in the major cities.

PMC offers the following unique benefits to advertisers:

A new type of advertising medium that advertisers can use to promote their products and services across Iran and the Middle East, and to a relevant, targeted global audience. Access to a new kind of marketing community that meets the needs, and strengthens the image and brands, of global advertisers of lifestyle products in Iran and the Middle East. The opportunity to run joint promotions, marketing and merchandising activities and sponsor events. TV advertising in Iran is weak. PMC offers a more sophisticated medium than the existing offerings – one which is new, exciting and dynamic. The channel offers the best quality sound and vision available, with fresh, interactive and interesting broadcasting around the clock. PMC is focused on building partnerships with global lifestyle products. Such products will gain maximum exposure to the relevant target audience in Iran, while giving PMC greater kudos as an emerging brand itself. The founder of PMC (Mehrdad Kia) has his roots in Iran, but has lived in Western Europe (Holland) from 1975, so PMC can combine the best of both worlds. The director has vast knowledge of, and passion for, the Iranian markets, backed by a deep understanding of how to promote Western lifestyle products to this emerging market. PMC is a gateway for global lifestyle product marketers who wish to expand their current market position in Iran; or for market newcomers who wish to build a presence, increase mind share or establish local distribution. PMC can also support advertisers in making their marketing efforts more effective in Iran, for example: joint promotions and/or marketing events, merchandising and non-spot advertisements.

Quite simply, PMC is not only a television channel, but a movement towards a modern lifestyle.